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Founded in 2015, Swink Group provides expertise in Social Media Management, Human Resource Management, Administrative Services and Civil Engineering.

The Social Media Management expertise includes creating and maintaining social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and others. Website creation and maintenance and blogging is also included in Social Media Management.

The Human Resource Management expertise includes: Employee Assessment, Training and Retention, Performance Reviews, Cross-Training, Job interest assessment, skill assessment, incentive programs, policy and procedure manual creation/updating, job posting -recruiting- applicant screening. Cindy Swink has over 20 years of administrative experience, is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and has an MBA in Human Resource Management.

The Administrative Services expertise includes: research, creating forms, flyers, brochures, presentations,and manuals, as well as organizing projects and many other services to help the busy small business owner.

Swink Group also provides expertise in civil engineering for aviation, commercial, residential, and industrial projects. The principal engineer of Swink Group has extensive experience in all types of civil engineering.

The aviation experience includes airfield pavement design for resurfacing, replacement, realignment, and other improvements. Also included in the aviation experience is design and construction of new terminal facilities, airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) stations, lighting projects, striping projects, and sign projects, ramp reconstruction and improvements, repairs and improvements to terminal facilities, coordination with FAA, USDA, and TSA agencies, and experience in writing FAA AIP grant applications.

The commercial experience includes projects as small as new parking lots and fast food restaurants to large casino improvements and new high rise tower complexes including all supporting infrastructure and utilities.

Residential experience includes small projects from a single custom home to large master planned communities involving thousands of acres including all supporting infrastructure and utilities.

Industrial experience includes projects from small office-warehouse construction to large industrial parks including new roads and other supporting infrastructure and utilities.

Swink Group can be reached at email@swinkgroup.com.


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