Do you owe anyone an explanation?

Sherwood Beach

I saw a post on Facebook that really grabbed my attention.  The author was shown as Steven Aitchison and was shared by a friend of mine who found it on Humanity’s Team page.  The title was “7 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone An Explanation For”.  The 7 things listed were:

  1. Your level of education
  2. Where you live
  3. Your appearance
  4. Your political views
  5. Your belief in God
  6. Your alone time
  7. Your life and/or relationship choices.

I found myself curious about the responses to this post on Humanity’s Team page.  When I pulled up the page, it showed it was posted 19 hours earlier and had 1,528 likes, 1,479 shares, with 27 comments.  The comments were mostly polite and respectful, even if they disagreed.  I enjoyed the comments and found most of them very thoughtful.

This topic is very personal and people can react very strongly to these 7 items.  I believe everyone has a right to their opinion but I don’t believe they have the right to force their beliefs or opinions on anyone else.  I believe that people should seek information to make informed decisions and be open to ideas and suggestions.  You never know who or what will inspire that next great idea or product.

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Photo by Cindy Swink – Sherwood Beach, Oahu, HI