You too can be a YouTube Creator!

Did you know YouTube has a “Foundations for success boot camp” going on right now? I signed up to learn more about creating and maintaining a video channel on YouTube. My motivation to do this was the offer of a letter of completion when you score 75% or better on the course quiz.

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The videos cover five entry level topics. The topics include a description of the course, strategy fundamentals, branding, creating your channel trailer, and copyright and community guidelines. Each video provides valuable information for anyone who wants to post videos on YouTube.

I found each video informative and entertaining. The information was presented professionally and each speaker was easy to understand and appears to enjoy what they do. I took a lot of notes and stopped and started the videos several times to capture every nugget of information that I could.

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YouTube makes it easy to upload videos. The boot camp helps you improve your videos likelihood of being viewed. The tips provided in each video are presented by people who actually post videos to YouTube regularly.

If you are not sure what kind of videos you want to upload, the boot camp can help you that! The videos walk you through the creative process and ask you questions that will you help decide what you want to do and how to do it. The presenters even tell you about some of the mistakes they made so you can save time and avoid some costly mistakes.

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Camera shy? That’s ok, I know how you feel. The boot camp shows a few of the channels with a significant number of subscribers and explains what the creators do to attract an audience. Many of the creators do not appear on their videos, some provide voices for animated characters. You can narrate while the video camera is focused on your business, product, or interest.

Does this sound like fun to you or absolute torture? Does it require big time video equipment? Not necessarily, it depends on what you want to do. I know people who use a webcam to create good quality, informational videos. Does it cost a lot of money? It doesn’t have to, that depends on what you want to do.

Are you curious? I recommend you check out the boot camp or the YouTube Creator Academy for yourself. If you want more information on videos, or other social media platforms, please contact Swink Group by clicking here. And, yes, I received my Letter of Completion!

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