Thank You! Is it really that hard to say?

Hand writes the word thank you

I saw a post this morning by a friend who was clearly upset. She and her husband are grandparents who sent their grandkids Valentine’s Day cards. How sweet, right? She was upset because she has not heard from any of the kids or their parents.

Social media makes it so easy to post a “Thank You” these days. My parents and grandparents taught me that you always tell someone Thank You, in person preferably, but by phone at a minimum. I know everyone is busy and overwhelmed these days, but, really? You don’t have time to call and say thank you?

I guess I am old fashioned. I still mail birthday cards to my close friends and family. I still mail Christmas cards. I even have a pen pal that I write letters to just because we can. I am teaching my 6-year-old grandson how to write letters to his Aunty too! It’s a lost art, I guess.

I believe saying Thank You in business is important too. I believe we all need to take the time to appreciate those who choose to do business with us. There are many ways to say Thank You to a client, vendor, business partner, or employee. Have you ever received a Thank You from a business? Isn’t that a pleasant surprise? How did it make you feel about that business?

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Thank You!

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