Tis the Season to be Thoughtful

Swink Group - Social Media Management - Virtual Assistance

Summer is over, fall is almost gone and we are fast approaching winter and the holiday season! Wow! If you’re like me, life has been busy! I’ve handled many different tasks the last 6 months and fell behind in managing my own business! I always put my clients first and they are all where they need to be. We are working together to make plans for 2017. Have you started making plans for 2017?

Social media management takes time and effort. I know many of us have felt overwhelmed in the last year with all the media activity.  It’s time to take control of the media you can control … YOURS!  If you’re tired of seeing bad news, create your own good news and share it!  If you’re tired of seeing negative posts, create your own positive posts and share them!

Swink Group - Social Media Management - Virtual Assistance

Time management is critical to maintaining a steady social media presence. There are sources you can use to post for you if you take the time to create several posts in advance. You must first take the time to create and have an inventory to schedule and post, but then you must continue to create to keep your inventory stocked with future posts.

Pictures are important. Studies show that posts with pictures are viewed more often than posts without pictures.  These days it is easy to get good pictures using your phone!  There are also free sources where you can get some quality pictures, and other sources that provide unlimited downloads for one year for a single payment.

Swink Group - Social Media Mangement - Virtual Assistance

Social media marketing takes time. Unfortunately, a single post rarely creates immediate success. However, you must start somewhere and then be consistent. Eventually name recognition will occur, you will earn a following, and people may share some of your posts with their contacts.

Swink Group can help you with your social media presence whether you already have some social media accounts or not.  You can call us at 360-616-2420 or email us at cindy@swinkgroup.com and we will be happy to help you decide how to manage your social media. Happy Holidays to you and yours and we wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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