Refresh Your Online and Social Media Presence

Hello February! I hope your January was productive. I noticed that January was very distracting! Like many of you, I made a list of goals and plans for 2017 that I started or tried to start during the month of January. Don’t feel bad if you fell behind on your goals for the year! There is still plenty of time to put some action behind your plans! According to the groundhog we still have another six weeks of winter. So, now is a good time to focus on business and making things happen with your social media and online presence!

One of my pet peeves is poor customer service. Customer service applies to all businesses. A recent study found people stopped doing business with an organization when they were not happy with the customer service they received.

If you want repeat customers, you must provide good customer service. But, what does “good customer service” mean? Customers want to feel valued and supported. Customers want to know they will receive a reliable, useable product, and they want a quick response when they send an email or call a business.

In this digital age, many people prefer to gather information by email rather than telephone. Customers like to share the good information they receive with their friends and family. They also like to share a website that they find useful and easy to navigate.

Whether you do business strictly online or you have a physical location, a social media presence is very important. According to a report in the November 2016 issue of Adweek, the majority of people (more than 80 percent) conducted online research before purchasing an item. When was the last time you updated your website or social media?

It is important to make sure that your social media is fresh and accurate. Is your address and phone number correct? Has your email address changed? Have you updated your product and pricing list? Do you have any new products that you want your customers to know about? It is important to keep updating your website and social media with new and interesting information consistently to keep your listing higher on the search engines.

Swink Group can help you make sure your social media presence is fresh and up-to-date.  Email us at or call us at 360-616-2420 and we can give you a free online assessment (a $40.00 value) and tell you what we find (or don’t find) that may help you refresh and update your social media presence.

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