LinkedIn – It’s not just for job hunting!

I used to think that LinkedIn was just for job hunting. Well, that is how I used LinkedIn for a long time. Then I started to discover it is much more than just a job hunting resource.

LinkedIn is a great resource for job hunting. It can also be an excellent way to keep in touch with past and present co-workers, managers, mentors and associates. Keeping in touch with people is very important in the ever changing job market.

When my friends or family tell me they are suddenly unemployed, the first thing I do is recommend they update their LinkedIn profile. Then I recommend they reach out to their connections. Many jobs these days are not advertised, you must “know” someone to find out about a potential job opportunity. An updated LinkedIn profile may be key to opening a door for you!

Finding good employees can be challenging. Recent surveys show that a strong majority of Human Resource professionals search LinkedIn for candidates for open positions within their organization. A good LinkedIn profile can bring the employers to you!

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A business owner can use LinkedIn as a way to find clients and to network with other business professionals. Joining “Groups” on LinkedIn can be helpful to the business person wanting to expand their business. Join groups that your target audience would be members of, then like and respond to comments in the group. If you provide valuable information you may gain the attention of someone who may want to do business with you. In turn, you can review their LinkedIn page to help you determine if they are a good fit for you! You can also create your own group and invite your connections to join it!

Adding contacts to your network is important to help you rise in the search results on LinkedIn. Some people advise to be selective when accepting requests to connect from people you do not know. You can start finding new potential connections by clicking on “My Network” and then click on “People You May Know”.


Whether you use LinkedIn for personal job hunting or for expanding your business, you need to keep your information up-to-date. A simple tweak may make the difference in where you appear in the search results. Post regularly, comment and share regularly, and continue to connect to grow your network. If you need help with LinkedIn or other social media sites, please contact me here.

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